Team Western Kentucky Tornado Relief Fund

How will my donation help those impacted?

Because of generous donations to this site, over $52 million dollars has been raised by 150,000 individuals and organizations from all over the world. To date, $41.5 million has been committed from the fund to individual Kentuckians and families as they rebuild from the devastating December 2021 tornadoes.

This includes:

  • $12 million in assistance to individuals for unmet needs and life essentials
  • At least $3.5 million in assistance to local farmers, doing business with the Mayfield Grain Co., to prevent significant crop loss
  • $16 million to build 300 homes through the help of Homes and Hope for Kentucky, Habitat for Humanity and the Fuller Center on Housing
  • Nearly $9.5 million in payments to insured and uninsured homeowners and renters
  • $810,000 in funeral expenses to the families of the deceased

*No administrative fees are assessed to this fund. Credit card and treasury fees apply.

Survivors who are seeking assistance can find an extensive list of resources at:

Kentucky farmers who conduct business with Mayfield Grain Co. can get more information about the Graves County Grain Assistance Program and apply for assistance at:

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