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Industry groups and trade associations are encouraged to communicate with and gather input from their membership to develop and submit reopen proposals on behalf of their members.

Individual businesses may submit via this online reopen form.

All proposals will be evaluated according to White House guidelines and other public health criteria. This step will ensure that Kentucky businesses are able to comply with public health protocols and CDC guidelines.

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Please provide your contact information in the fields indicated below. Your contact information will be used only for the purpose of responding to your business’s proposal to safely reopen.

Example: 502-555-1234

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Please provide the following information about your business’s proposal to safely reopen while remaining in compliance with CDC guidance, social distancing procedures, or other public health protocols relating to COVID-19.

The Kentucky Department for Public Health has identified the following as criteria to be considered in evaluating whether your business can safely reopen. Please identify whether your business is able to do the following:

(i.e. cafeterias, break rooms, etc.)

(sick, on-call, emergency sick leave, paid time off, etc)

(adhere to CDC guidelines regarding isolation following travel)

(Masks, Gloves, Face Protection (NO N-95)

(cloth masks allowed)

(Elderly, immunocompromised, or chronic disease)

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