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Contact links for specific services and topics are provided below.  Please submit your request using the appropriate contact form.   Each section of the KBN website offers a contact form that goes directly to the staff person or branch that handles that specific service or topic.  KBN's goal is to answer your questions and/or address your concerns as quickly and efficiently as possible.  By utilizing these forms, you will help streamline this process.  Thank you in advance for helping us help you!

Note:  The Site Map (located on the bottom left corner of each KBN web page) is available to help you find your way through the website.  Many topics (and contacts) other than the ones listed below can be found by using the Site Map or by simply taking a "stroll" through the website.   Additional contact information, including a staff directory, as well as a map showing the location of the KBN office, is located under Board Information

Contact Forms by Staff

To view a listing of KBN staff within each branch, go to the KBN Staff Directory.

Contact Forms by Topic

Click on the More Info link to go to the section of the website that provides information about the listed topic.  Click on the relevant active link below to contact someone about a specific topic. 

Abuse Registry (Kentucky Nurse Aide Registry) or CNA Related Questions  ...more info

Address Change (online service or written request)  ...more info

Continuing Education/Competency  ...more info

Complaints Against Nurses Process (includes filing a complaint, disciplinary process, imposter alert, lost/stolen licenses, list of disciplinary actions and immediate temporary suspensions)  ...more info

Data Roster Download (online service)  ...more info

KARE for Nurses Program (an alternative to disciplinary action)  ...more info

Legal Questions

Licensure/Credentialing (includes forms and publications):  ...more info

Name Change   ...more info

Nursing Incentive Scholarship Fund   ...more info

Nursing Practice   ...more info

Programs of Nursing   ...more info


Validation of Licensure: 

Contact KBN Webmaster

If you cannot find a contact link addressing the topic you are interested in, use the contact form below to submit your question.  The KBN webmaster will forward your message to the appropriate individual for response. 

Please note that it may take longer for you to receive a response when you submit a request to the KBN Webmaster in place of the direct contact.​