Nomination Deadline: June 30, 2022

Kentucky has a rich tradition of diverse civil rights activist whose efforts on many battlegrounds have helped to improve the lives of Kentuckians. The Kentucky Civil Rights Hall of Fame was established in 2000 to recognize these brave men and women who have been leaders in the struggle for equality and justice in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Civil Rights Hall of Fame inductees have worked for desegregation of schools and public accommodations. They pushed for civil rights legislation and equal opportunity in education, employment and housing. They have given of their time, resources, and service toward efforts that challenged and changed old, unjust philosophies and systems.

The Kentucky Civil Rights Hall of Fame serves to raise public awareness about human rights issues and to foster an environment for discussion and education regarding state civil rights history and ongoing challenges. It is a tool to encourage citizens to strive for equality and mutual understanding.

All complete nominations will be accepted if received by the June 30, 2022 deadline.

Nominee Criteria

Nominees may be individuals living or deceased, who:

  • Have shown or show exemplary leadership and achievement in civil and human rights in Kentucky.
  • Have advocated or advocate for human and civil rights through actions and deeds in Kentucky.
  • Have served or serve as a role model and beacon in civil rights to eliminate barriers in Kentucky.

Judging Criteria

Important: Judging of nominations will be based solely on the information submitted. Thorough letters of recommendation and complete information are extremely important. Incomplete applications cannot be considered. Please be thorough and provide:

  • A biography (200-500 words) which outlines nominee's contributions to civil rights in Kentucky and includes: Life and career accomplishments; Contributions to civil rights in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.
  • Three letters of recommendation supporting the nominee's contributions.

Questions? Contact us at 502-566-9961.