Kentucky Heritage Council Site ID

Welcome to the Site Identification Site Check page.

Please select the appropriate site check below and you will be linked to an online form to request either a preliminary or full site check. If you have questions or are unsure which type of request you need, please contact our Site Check Admin.


Principally for those who need information to submit as part of the Section 106 cover sheet; you will receive a report created specifically for your project that contains a list of previously recorded historic resources within the reviewed area and a unique confirmation number to submit on the cover sheet.

This report will not contain a map of site locations or the level of detailed information that is typically required for Cultural Historic Survey reports or FCC Forms 620/621. Cost is $40.


For those who need more detailed information on the historic resources within a specified APE or other project area; you will receive a GIS report specifically created for your project that shows the historic resources within an area you designate, a map and a unique project registration number to submit with your cultural historic report or other documentation; Base cost is $75. There is an additional $40 fee to receive GIS shapefile data. Any request for complex site checks or shapefiles that requires over one hour to process will be invoiced an additional $40 per hour.