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  • This is an official online payment site for the city of Cave City, Kentucky. We cannot guarantee payment if City of Cave City customers use other online payment sites. This online payment service charges a 2.75% Service Fee for credit cards and $2 Service Fee for ACH payments, added to the amount due.
The City of Cave City Net Profit License Fee is levied at the annual rate of 1 percent of the net profits of all occupations, trades, professions orother businesses engaged in said activities in the city. The fee is levied against a partnership, or association as a business entity: therefore, the individual partners or members are not required to file a return on their distributive share of the profits. Information is to be filed by all subject businesses (business having some receipts and/or payroll within the city limits of Cave City) must be based on the net income as reported to the State Government; therefore, the basis used (i.e. cash or accrual) must be consistent for both Kentucky Income Tax and Cave City License Fee Returns. Please notify the city of Cave City of any change in ownership or address entered below.