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Zoning Compliance

Application for Certificate

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Benton Code 155.05; Marshall Co. Code 2014-01; KRS 198B.060

This application shall be accompanied by a required fee in the amount of $150.

A service fee of 2.75% of the amount due will be added to the total for credit card transactions, or 1.5% of the amount due will be added to the total for debit card transactions.

Applicant Information

Note: Attach to application a sketch indicating all structures on the lot, proposed additions, dimensions of lot and structures, distance from structures to lot line and other structures, and location of street/or other infrastructures if known.

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Builder Information
Property and Building Information

New Construction Lot Line Distance

By entering your name below, you agree to the following:
I hereby certify that I am the owner of record on the above-described property or that the proposed work is authorized by the owner to make application as his/her authorized agent. I agree to conform to all applicable laws of this jurisdiction and understand that prior to construction a building permit is necessary from the Marshall County Building Office. I further certify that the above information is true and accurate. It is understood and agreed that any error, misstatement or misrepresentation of fact, either with or without applicant intention, may cause a refusal of this application; any alteration or change in plans made without approval of the Planning and Zoning Administrator subsequent to the issuance of the certificate, shall constitute sufficient grounds for the revocation of such certificate.