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Subdivision Plat

Application for Approval

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KRS 100.277; Benton Code 152.34; Benton Code 156 et. seq.

This application shall be accompanied by a required fee in the amount of $150.

A service fee of 2.75% of the amount due will be added to the total for credit card transactions, or 1.5% of the amount due will be added to the total for debit card transactions.

Applicant Information

Note: There shall be attached to this application at least three (3) plats no smaller than 18” x 24” (one plat to be recorded at the County Court Clerk’s Office, one to be retained by the city and one to be retained by Applicant after approval); the plats shall set forth the dimensions of the proposed subdivision and shall comply with the Benton Code of Ordinances.

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Property Information

By entering your name below you agree this application is made to the Benton Planning and Zoning Board for the approval of a subdivision plat for property located within the City limits of Benton or within a three (3) mile radius of the old Benton Court House located on Main Street in the City of Benton.