Kentucky Driver History Records

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For each order, history records can be requested for up to 50 drivers. A three-year driving record will normally be available for viewing and printing within minutes of making the request. A record of your order will be emailed to the address you specify for confirmation. The DHRs you request will be available for 2 weeks. Either printing or saving a copy of the PDF version will be necessary if the record is needed for a longer period of time. To request a record, enter the driver’s first and last names as they appear on the license and the driver’s license number in the boxes provided. For example, James O’Neil Jr would appear with James as the first name and O’Neil Jr as the last name. The license number is made up of 9 characters, 1 letter followed by 8 numbers.

A valid credit/debit card will be needed to complete the transaction. The credit card information is encrypted to prevent theft of the number. It is important that you provide and verify your email address, your credit card information, the drivers' names and license numbers being requested. You will be charged for all records requested regardless of whether the record is found or the returned record is the one you meant to request.

If you have questions, call (502) 564-1257.

By Starting a Request, you are agreeing to the terms described on this page.

Read the Federal Driver's Privacy Protection Act