Pesticide Registration/Renewal System

Welcome to the Department of Agriculture, Division of Environmental Services, online product registration / renewal system for pesticides.

The annual fee for any product sold and/or distributed in Kentucky is $250 per product. ACH, American Express, Visa, MasterCard and Discover are accepted for payment. ACH payments remain free of any portal administration fee, while credit card payments incur a portal administration fee of 2.95%.

DO NOT ATTEMPT to renew products for the following registration year until November 15th of the current calendar year. Trying to submit a renewal for the following registration year before November 15th will result in an invalid renewal and will be rejected without notice.

If you are renewing products for the current registration year, be advised that a $10 late fee per product will apply to products renewed after the deadline of January 15th.

NOTICE: New production registrations submitted prior to November 15th will be registered for the current registration year. If you wish to register new product for the next registration year these must be submitted after November 15th.

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