Renewal deadline is March 31st. ************************************USE INTERNET EXPLORER TO PROCESS YOUR RENEWAL.

Welcome to the BREP Online Licensing Service


  • Review their license status
  • Change their name
  • Update their contact information
  • Place license into escrow (license must be released by principal broker first)
  • From March 1st to March 31st, licensees can renew their license (active licensees cannot renew until their principal broker has completed his/her renewal)

Principal Brokers

  • Review and update escrow account, firm/branch address, and phone number
  • Review, release, and print licenses associated with their firm
  • From February 20th to March 31st, principal brokers can register their firms, and renew their license. Principal brokers MUST complete registration and renewal early to allow time for their associates to renew.
  • Place license into escrow (principal broker must release the license before the licensee has the option to place license in escrow)
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